Oliver Kalamon Urkärnade



1977, I went to Greece to find the absolute best tasting kalamata olives. I visited the growers and their groves. Spoke with the local population and referred to the taverns and family restaurants. Tasted and compared. The memory of the olives from childhood in Cyprus was my goal 1978, I was done looking. Fontana Kalamata olives was welcomed with open arms. Today, they are a natural part of many Swedes living. Fontana's Kalamata Seedledd Olives are a natural evolution of the original. Same good olive flavor and lovely aroma. Sprinkle them over salads. Stir them into food. Eat them straight from the can. Kali Orexi. Enjoy your meal. - See more at: http://fontana.se/product/olives-kalamata-seedless/?lang=en#sthash.OmRvWy7C.dpuf

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